Better looking without surgery.

My original BA degree was a Industrial/Graphic Design graduation. It led me later to art, to semiotics, to fiction and to a deeper comprehension of aesthetics theory. Besides that, over the years, I made a lot of friends, designers, art directors, engineers, constructors, artists, architects, programmers, copywriters. Some of my clients, film directors, attorneys, marketing professionals, became friends too. I've worked doing art direction for FCB, LOWE, DM9 DDB, Euro RSCG and Publicis, for clients such as The Coca Cola Company, Sprite, Ajinomoto, Daewoo Motors, Daihatsu Corporation, Cadbury (Schweppes), Colgate-Palmolive, Barilla, Brahma, Faber-Castell, Itaú Seguros, Peugeot, Intel, Citibank, Caras, Ades, Sony Music, TriFil, Avon, Eurofarma, Bradesco, Nestlé, Embraer, Mackenzie, Embratel, Brasil Telecom and Sumus. Recently, communication design for companies like Mobilit, CraftDesign, Atelecom, FreitasLeite Fagundes, Empire Financial, Vipal Object, BIC do Brasil, Demeter Films, Guadalupe Imagens, Brunner Propriedade Intelectual, Instituto Sergio Motta, Concreto Arquitetura and Lexique.

Trends change, the right look gets old, the right photographer gets dated, the greatest webdesigner of the moment turns into commonplace and gets boring next monday. Meaning is the only thing that not only resist time, but somehow, gets deeper, and greater, with time. Part of my work today is to help individuals and organizations to find meaning and opportunities through design, creating concepts, images and media that not only deliver pleasure and personality, but that makes things happen the way it should.