The prettiest junk you'll ever see.

Industrial design is a wonderful thing. But we already have enough chairs, enough tablelamps, enough garbage on this planet.

If we are going to create something new, It's better be good. Clever. Useful. What I try to do is to create objects that simply deserve to exist.

And if comes out otherwise, start all over again. Remember, that chair can be you only dinner date.

Unlike communication design, I do not work on demand creating industrial design projects. It's not a service activity, neither will be.

I just like to design things, and then find ways for them to exist. So |NTRO is not a service provider company, but a way to structure production and distribution of objects that I design. My industrial design work is now represented by the oldest intellectual property agency in Brazil, BRUNNER.

Since 1928, BRUNNER is helping to link individuals and companies that create innovation. We are now looking for production partners. Contracts terms may vary, sometimes we'll  buy production, sometimes we'll sell existing projects or make partnerships, sometimes we'll receive royalties from use of our industrial design, utility models or patents. If you have any interest on become a partner, or any questions on this matters, please feel free to share.